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#10 - When traveling, it's very easy to fall for the bait and switch. When the "switch" appears, always come across as "you are NOT what I requested". Tell the escort that you have another independent girl coming in two hours, and that you will wait for her. This will force her to either leave (highly unlikely) or drop her price to get 'something' out of you

#9 - No matter how badly you want the escort in front of you, always remember that another escort can be had in no time. Don't ever be afraid to tell the companion she is not to your liking. Don't be rude or crude about it. Be polite and straight forward. By doing so, she'd be more inclined to negotiate with you to get some sort of service. Example. I have someone else coming in a bit, but I'd take a CBJ from you for $50.

#8 - Be VERY Wary of Backpage. Yes, there are TON of escorts on these. Thing is, you are dealing with the bottom of the barrel. Be sure to research the woman's phone number / email address and reviews to see if she is who she says she is.

#7 - Older mature escorts are a hidden gem at times. Thing is, their mileage my vary. Meaning, a 40 year old escort would post a picture of her when she was 30. She'll show up and you'll be quite disappointed. I've found the older women are reviewed pretty detailed. By viewing these reveiws, you'll know if these women are worth your time or not.

#6 - Don't be scared off by ethnic women. While their accents are heavy, with little to no english, they will do things that many american girls will not.

#5 - Avoid the STD risk by using a condom for EVERYTHING. Yes, that includes all oral activity. Sorry guys. I've been able to play the game for over 30 years without a single STD based on this premise.

#4 - Book the escort again right at the end of you present engagement. By doing so, she'll build a trust factor with you. This translates to no clock watching, more open to activities, and an ability to bring you to greater heights!

#3 - If an escort lists PSE as one of their services, you'll be able to truly push the boundries with her. I've found many of these women have dabbled in some sort of on screen sex scenes. Might have been just one time, but they know the game. All those fantasies can truly be fulfilled by these women. If the provider does GFE and PSE, be wary. Chances are she'll do anything for money, so you'll be paying extra for those extras.

#2 - Read reviews and go on forums. Simple but powerful!

#1 - Remember guys, this is a hobby. Enjoy yourself. Keep away from STDs. Best part yet, always negotiate with any escort. There's SO many women in this space now, you can get another one in no time. Indicate that this wasn't what you were expecting, but you'd be 'willing' to do X for Y dollar amount. If she gives you the FU face, then politely tell her thank you, but I have another provider on their way. I've found this to be INCREDIBLY effective.