What to Do When She Says No Ethnic Men

This article below was a submission written by a reader, who identified himself as The Veteran.

When looking for escorts, read their profile entirely. Few things worse than looking at a woman’s profile online, seeing her pics (which are probably fake), she shows up and is ready to walk out the door. Why? Because you failed to read the part on her profile that says, “No (enter ethnicity here).”

Yep. There are a lot of female, roughly 40% in American who have a preference of what kind of men they will not meet, and roughly 98.3% of them refuse to service African-Americans. The rest are prohibit either younger men, or only service a specific ethnicity (almost always white). Some women will be quite adamant with this by adding pics that will normally say “Sorry, No Black Guys.” Others will give minor clues such as No AA (African-American). When reading her profile, pay close attention to the paragraph that lists her preference and forbidden twerks.

For Black men like myself, don’t get mad. Think of it as women weeding themselves out of consideration by doing the work for you. I would not even consider a woman who says, “No Black men under 40,” because if she thinks all brothas under 40 are bad but suddenly switches to good at an age is wrong. Find someone who offers herself to all men. Even if she doesn’t list it, ask anyway just to be sure. When I find a woman who is ok with black men, I offer her a bit more money just to show that we are not all pimps, thugs, cheapskates, hostile gangsters and God knows what else people think of us as in a negative way. By chance if you do hire an escort and she cops an attitude or feel uncomfortable with you, send her away. Find someone else.

Finally, don’t think it just white women who do this on Backpage. ALL kinds of women exclude Black men, including our own. Makes you mad as hell. Don’t be, just wish them a silent quick trip to hell and find someone else. What I am saying is that there are a lot of women who label us, don’t give them the satisfaction of proving them right by going off (which would be quite justified). You want to get laid, try not to ruin the mood for yourself. Who and where can we find the most open minded women? I’ve found the Asians in Canada to be the best. But there are a few whom I would not recommend for this topic alone.

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Don’t Ever Listen To Vegas Taxi Drivers

One of my first times in Vegas I was quite the rookie. I made some serious rookie mistakes along the way. Here are the two main things I learned.:

  1. Don’t ever listen to Vegas taxi drivers. These guys (I’ll call him Joe) will sell you this “amazing” experience he’s had with a girl, let’s call her Amber.  Joe will tell you intimate details on Amber, what she will do for what dollar. Thing is, the part Joe doesn’t tell you, is the referral fee he gets if you meet Amber and if he’s the one that drives you. Even funnier (now funny, not then funny), Amber can be 100 different girls. Different hair color, I got my hair color changed. Different eye color, I was wearing contacts. The list is endless. Just remember, that a cab driver can get you from point A to point B, and speak to you about the city better than anyone. However, don’t for a second fall for the “I’ve got a girl for you” line. Don’t even get me started on strip clubs…
  2. Those Mexicans that are on the strip flipping out cards, yea, don’t even. “Girls direct to your door” is no where near the girl you’re seeing. I was the one responsible bringing girls to a bachelor party (ages ago, still a rookie). I used the cards, wanted the hot blonde and the hot island looking girl. What showed…. actually a very hot island girl, and the most hideous blonde girl you can imagine, constant druggie, used and abused you name it. The duo was so odd together that it didn’t make sense. Then the hustle was starting where they count how many guys are in the room, then multiple it by 200. 10 guys, they want 2k. I know enough about the game to stop them dead in their tracks and asked them to leave. “Oh why hunny”… oh I’ll tell you why.. I held the two cards up to their faces… “not even close doll”. Peace. My mistake, is had a bunch of guys all pent up and drunk. Turning girls away (no matter their condition) when you have a bunch of guys never looks good. But nothing that more drinks couldn’t solve.

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Some Experiences are Worth Sharing

The hobbying world is one gigantic fascinating adventure. With the good, there’s comes a ton of bad. I’ve been part of the hobbying world for quite some time now, and some of my worst experiences happened early on in the game. For those youngins, there was a time to be part of the hobbying world without the internet – the horror. Before dating sites, Craigslist, review sites & chat rooms, there was simply the yellow pages. Yea, those big books that no one uses anymore. This was by far the simplest way to get into the hobbying game back then. 

What I didn’t realize until I got wiser was how much risk is involved here. You have no reviews to go off of, no forums to read, nothing. You’re simply flying blind. Pictures, yea good luck with that! Before bait & switch was even a term, a 22 year old blond would show up as a 40 year old overused shell of a woman.  

Don’t forget too, back then there was way more demand than there was supply.   Sure you could go to the streets and hit up a prostitute, that was just never an angle I pursued. Not knocking it – just wasn’t for me. 

I remember this one specific experience. I was in NYC for business, stayed at a decent hotel in midtown. I didn’t have any meetings until the afternoon, so I figured to make a night of it. Went to the bar with one of my colleagues, who I’m still close with to this day. It’s about 11pm or so, didn’t want to call it a night, so we went back to the hotel. We picked a random Asian outcall listing. We asked for two girls in their 20s that spoke good English. I was too shy to negotiate back then, so he did the talking. He insisted if that’s not what showed up, he wouldn’t let them in. Remember, decent hotel in NYC, cant throw too much of a fuss. 

We were told 30 minutes, and they showed up on the dot. Since he called, he picked first and went to his room. His girl took the money for both of them, which should have been my first sign. I was left with the remainder. Actually looked cute, slender like most Asian women. Then she started talking and it all went down hill. 

She said two sentences when she came in “Do whatever you want to me, but I need to sleep for like 5 hours right now.” I did my nervous laugh, but she was dead serious. In her hand, was 1) a piece of paper with that exact sentence on it 2) a copy of her drivers license 3) her writing her signature in front me. She strips fully naked and face-plants on the bed. Within 60 seconds, out. A twentyish old Asian girl is naked & asleep on my bed – all within a minute of entering the room.




I thought this was a joke. I start poking her. Nothing. Feeling her up. Nothing. I mean, I’m sure there are guys that have a fetish for a fucking a corpse, not me.  So she’s on the bed, I’m on the chair watching tv. 

About 30 minutes later, by buddy calls telling me he’s all done, asking what I’m up to.  I tell him to get his ass over, when he does, he can’t stop laughing for a solid 3 minutes.  He tells me that “my girl” is the driver of his girl.  My girl isn’t really an escort, but needs a place to crash from time to time. Come to find out she only came in cause she thought I was harmless enough. 

I’m like, harmless enough? I’m a guy she never meant, falling asleep naked in a bed. C’mon.  So my buddy leaves, and gets a camera. Remember, this was years ago, it was a damn polaroid.

We were taking all wacky pics with this girl.  Let your imagination run wild, we took it. The end all be all, this girl had to be the hairiest Asian of all time, at least the hairiest for me.  Another 3 minutes of solid laughter after basically dry heaving.  

She eventually woke up, but not til her tits were up against the window. This poor girl was screaming as if she was falling from the hotel room to the street.  After about 5 minutes of arguing, she leaves. We continue to laugh and talk about that night til this day.

 Lesson Learned: Never ever get a hairy Asian again.

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