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Let's face it, who doesn't love a good ol BBBJ!. Thing is, your STD risk is still incredibly high. Most guys HATE to think this is the case. They even convince themselves the odds are so low that it's worth the risk. Really? What if I told you that your facts are wrong.

Think about it: these girls aren't like the adult industry where blood work is done every 14 days. For some providers who have multiple clients a day, the math ads up to hundreds if not thousands of chances for infections. The range can go from the nuisance STDs such as warts (HPV), or the worst of them all : AIDS

If I got you a bit scared.. GOOD! You should understand the amount of FOOLISH guys out there that get STDs left and right. Gotta think with the right head here guys

The key to the game is longevity & health. You can thoroughly enjoy the hobby if you're approaching it properly. Just because you're paying a higher rate doesn't mean she's STD free either!

Always request a CBJ! You can always rip it off the last second and put your soldiers anywhere on the battlefield prior to launch!