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Any hobbyist at one point in their experiences have seen (and felt) the bait and switch. Whether you're checking out some classifieds site, or in Vegas getting cards off the "Mexicans" on the strip, you will eventually see the bait and switch occur.

In short, you see a picture and a name (let's call her Bambi) who you decide to book. In the picture, Bambi looks 22, brunette, brown eyes, amazing curves. When Bambi shows up at your hotel room, the only thing that matches her description is her hair color. Everything else, is nowhere (and I mean nowhere) near what you were expecting.

Some girls will try and tell you the picture is a couple years old. Truth is, the guys/companies behind these women push out generic profiles/cards to lure men in . When a guy calls looking for Bambi, they know to dispatch a young looking brunette. That's about it. Everything else is secondary.

Now, she shows up and you're just simply turned off. So, what do you do? Well, first, don't be an ass. Simply communicate to Bambi that she isn't what you expected to show up. If she tries to press you (which she will), just indicate that what you were expecting was X, you aren't that. Always mention, "It's ok sweetie, I have another girl that I've met a few times, coming here in about 3 hours. I'll just wait til then."

They key part is "I've met a few times". This eliminates any sort of comeback she has. Now that you have her right about to leave, throw something out there. Example: I still have a couple hours to kill, how about 'X' for $50. Remember, she was just about to leave. Something is always better than nothing. If she says $100, go back with "that's alright", I'll just wait til later.

I've "closed" so many girls in this fashion. Remember, the key is being ok with walking away with nothing. If you can sell that, she'll eventually take anything.